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The SIG’s of RECYCLIA are integrated management systems which are specialised in the sectors which receive the services, allowing us to reduce costs and provide an improved service to all companies.

Through the SIG’s of RECYCLIA, registered companies can comply with the current legislation as regards RAEE, since the quantities of cash provided by the SIG guarantee that new equipment that becomes waste can be collected and managed adequately. In addition, they also guarantee the collection and management of historical waste, financed by the companies registered, depending on their market share.

With the registration in the SIG’s of RECYCLIA, registered companies will not be obliged to create an Individual System to collect and manage the waste generated.

After a company is registered to the SIG’s of RECYCLIA, it will delegate most of its legal obligations in the Integrated Management System, thus being exempted from the following:

puntos Compliance with the recovery and recycling objectives of AEE waste generated.
puntos Requesting authorisations and establishing agreements with the Public Administrations.
puntos Presenting the financing guarantees to the Autonomous Communities for the management of waste.
puntos Implementing communication campaigns.
puntos Investing in R+D projects that will improve the recovery and recycling techniques.
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