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Our main objective is to help producers comply with the obligations derived from the RAEE Directive 2002/96 and RD 208/2005 of the 25th of February, on electric and electronic devices and management of waste.

The RAEE waste management platform:

Simplifies the registration process for the different operational SIG’s, in order to provide an environmentally correct response to the different types of RAEE.
Allows the manufacturer to present the Declaration of the different electric and electronic devices (AEE) sold in the Spanish market.
Depending on the products declared by the manufacturer, the platform will process the registration to the SIG or SIG’s that meets its product needs.
Provides the manufacturer the AEE Declaration requested by the Registry of Manufacturers of the Ministry of Industry.
Promotes and simplifies the administrative and management processes related to the devices marketed and the management of RAEE.
Makes synergies effective between the different SIG’s of RAEE: favours and simplifies common processes for all.
Optimises management costs.
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