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Conditions to join the scheme

Every company selling EEE (either B2C or B2B) directly in the Spanish market, under its own brand or importing equipment from third parties, shall assume the condition of EEE producer (i.e. first agent commercialising equipment in the Spanish market) as for the WEEE legislation purposes and get registered as such in the Spanish Register of EEE producers. A Spanish fiscal identification number (CIF) and a Spanish address (only for notification purposes) are needed to get registered.

In case you would join ant of our schemes we would do the registration in the Spanish Register of EEE producers for your company, and would help you with the administrative processes with the regional Spanish authorities (a step prior to registration at a national level).

Regarding financing, our schemes are entirely financed by producers. Producers pay an initial contribution to enter the scheme (a one-off payment according to the annual revenues of the company, with a minimum of 600 euros and a maximum of 6,000 euros), and the quarterly financial contribution of each producer is generally calculated on the basis of products placed in the market, fees may be checked on, we talk of a standard fee of 0,1 euros/kg placed in the market. Services of collection and recycling of equipment are fully covered with this "in-advance" fee.

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